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Rende Progress Capital

A Racial Equity Loan Fund and emerging Community Development Financial Institution providing small business loans to Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color who face barriers to acquiring traditional loans due to racial inequity and bias. 

News:  Testimonial from Business Vendor and Grand Rapids Press Article on Rende Progress Capital May 18, 2023 BIPOC Vendor Event

“You’re able to see a lot of businesses that you support and that you have been around for a long time, and be in a place where we’re all together,” ---Business and Vendor Attendee    Article

RACE4Progress 2.0 Loan

Now Available for select loan applicants

Rende Progress Capital launches second special loan for Excluded

Entrepreneurs of Color who have financial documentation of

economic impact from continuing business barriers of COVID-19 [For Grand Rapids/Kent County Area Businesses of Color]


Rende Progress Capital Customer Video: Dreams By Bella, LLC

Rende Progress Capital Video: What is a CDFI Loan Fund?


Rende Progress Capital (RPC) is an emerging Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) committed to economic equity.  RPC provides loans and investments to Excluded Entrepreneurs and business owners who are excluded from traditional lending and investments because of racial bias.


RPC was founded by two leaders experienced in racial equity and inclusion who are committed to helping those excluded from traditional financing and lending. They bring their business, finance, CDFI management and legal experience to lead a team providing loans and investments, technical assistance in business training to our clients. 

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